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Many years of development has been lovingly poured into our CMS (the project started in 2003), and the active, friendly and helpful community surrounding the platform ensures its continued success and guides its future.

Because the CMS is completely free and open source, all work on the project is carried out by a group of like-minded enthusiasts. We care about our community and the invaluable feedback they provide us to constantly improve the software and user experience.

To that end, we never expect payment. However, all contributions are gratefully received by the team and certainly help keep the project alive—so if you'd like to sponsor us then that would be great! 😀

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I wonder if we could reach 20 sponsors? That would be amazing! 🎉


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  1. textpattern/textpattern

    A flexible, elegant, fast and easy-to-use content management system written in PHP.

    PHP 676

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