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Webrecorder provides a suite of open source projects and tools to capture interactive websites and replay them at a later time as accurately as possible. Webrecorder hopes to support 'web archiving for all', to empower individuals to make and present their own archives in a decentralized way, and works with cultural institutions around the world in improving the web archiving efforts of digital preservation.

All Webrecorder tools are released as FOSS on here. See: for more info on the Webrecorder project.


This goal will help support basic operating expense for Webrecorder, such as the GitHub account, Webrecorder domains, and cloud storage used for Webrecorder tools research, development and testing.

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Meet the team

Featured work

  1. webrecorder/pywb

    Core Python Web Archiving Toolkit for replay and recording of web archives

    JavaScript 1,280
  2. webrecorder/warcio

    Streaming WARC/ARC library for fast web archive IO

    Python 335
  3. webrecorder/wabac.js

    wabac.js - Web Archive Browsing Augmentation Client

    JavaScript 89
  4. webrecorder/

    Serverless replay of web archives directly in the browser

    JavaScript 595
  5. webrecorder/

    A High-Fidelity Web Archiving Extension for Chrome and Chromium based browsers!

    JavaScript 692
  6. webrecorder/browsertrix-crawler

    Run a high-fidelity browser-based crawler in a single Docker container

    JavaScript 501

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$5 a month


Even a small contribution makes a difference in helping support the development of the tools
and pay for infrastructure. This support helps us in building sustainable open source tools.

$10 a month


Have questions about specific tools or use cases? We'll ensure your concerns or feature requests are given priority attention whenever possible.

$100 a month


If you are an institution relying on Webrecorder tools or want to support the Webrecorder project further, we recommend at least this level. If you have specific requirements, we would appreciate support at this level and happy to chat with you about your use case(s) and better support your web archiving efforts!

$500 a month


Institutional Priority Support: If you are an institution heavily relies on Webrecorder tools, or wishe to integrate Webrecorder tools in a custom way, we'd be happy to chat with you about your needs and requirements.
At this level, we'd be happy to meet and with you about your needs, respond to any support questions with priority, and consider any feature requests that you may have. Custom integration and extensions for Webrecorder tools can also be implemented at this level.

$1,000 a month


Institutional Sustainer Support: Your support will make a significant impact on the project. We will add a logo of your institution, and will help ensure your web archiving needs are met by Webrecorder tools.

You will get priority access to any new tools developed, regular updates and consultation. Feature requests and bug fixes will be addressed asap, including custom integration and more complex requests.