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Serverless Web Archive Replay

Embedded Viewer Usage: provides a full web archive replay system running directly in the browser, available at:

For full user docs, see:

See for changes in the latest release.

The App can be downloaded from the Releases page.

Embedding Guide

See the Embedding Guide for more info on embedding web archives in other sites.

What's in this repo is a static web site / offline web app + Electron app.

This repository contains the frontend UI for the replay system, while the backend is provided via a service worker implementation found at:

The frontend is loaded from ui.js, while the backend service/web worker is loaded from sw.js.

This repository contains:

How to Use This Repo is built as a Node package can be installed using yarn:

yarn install

It is also a Jekyll site for use with GitHub pages. Jekyll is only needed to build the docs.

The package provides various commands that can be used with yarn:

  • yarn run start-dev - to run in dev mode with Webpack dev server on port 9990. Autobuilds dev assets.

  • yarn run build - to build production assets sw.js, ui.js

  • yarn run start-prod - to run production site on port 9990, with previously built assets

  • yarn run start-electron - to start electron in dev mode, with previously built assets

  • yarn run dist - to build production assets + Electron app (in dist/)

  • yarn run build-docs - to build the Jekyll docs (for local use) and run Jekyll. Requires Ruby.

  • yarn run start-jekyll - to build Jekyll docs and start Jekyll static server on port 4000.

The static assets are placed in the root index.html, sw.js and ui.js, and can be used with any HTTP server.

For service workers to work, they must be served from either localhost or an HTTPS endpoint.

See the user docs for additional info about using

LICENSE is made available under the AGPLv3 License.

If you would like to use it under a different license or have a question, please reach out as that may be a possibility.

Contributing and Bug Reports

Contributions are definitely welcome!

As this is still a new project and rapidly evolving, please open an issue first before submitting a pull request.