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Will Stone

Hertfordshire, UK

Hi 👋

I am a TypeScript/JavaScript Software Engineer and I ❤️ open source.

Maintaining open source projects takes a lot of time. With your support I can continue to maintain projects such as Browserosaurus and SpotSpot which are both free and always will be.

Thank you very much for your support 🎉

15 sponsors are funding will-stone’s work.


Featured work

  1. will-stone/browserosaurus

    The browser prompter for macOS

    TypeScript 950
  2. will-stone/plastic

    A simple theme.

    TypeScript 169
  3. will-stone/SpotSpot

    A Spotify mini-player for macOS

    TypeScript 131
  4. will-stone/waitanimate

    ❗️ Calculates pauses in CSS animation loops.

    HTML 196
  5. will-stone/flexible-boxes

    Flexbox generator.

    JavaScript 42
  6. will-stone/in-any-case

    VSCode extension to convert strings between cases

    TypeScript 3

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