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Sunagawa-city, Hokkaido, Japan

I am a PHP and Emacs Lisp enthusiastic in Japan. I am continuously sharing PHP and Emacs knowledge with web and meat up. I want to encourage technology community exchange.

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Featured work

  1. zonuexe/right-click-context

    Emacs Right Click Context menu

    Emacs Lisp 58
  2. zonuexe/emacs-presentation-mode

    Display large character for presentation and live coding

    Emacs Lisp 46
  3. zonuexe/dotfiles

    tadsan@zonuexe's dotfiles (.emacs, .zsh*, .profile... etc.)

    Emacs Lisp 25
  4. zonuexe/emacs-copyit

    Copy it, yank anything!

    Emacs Lisp 18
  5. zonuexe/emoji-fontset.el

    Set font face for Emoji

    Emacs Lisp 12
  6. zonuexe/pandoc.el

    Pandoc for Emacs

    Emacs Lisp 10

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