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GCS Tools

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Raison d'être:

Light weight wrapper that adds Google Cloud Storage (GCS) support to common Hadoop tools, including avro-tools, parquet-cli, proto-tools for Scio's Protobuf in Avro file, and magnolify-tools for Magnolify code generation, so that they can be used from regular workstations or laptops, outside of a Google Compute Engine (GCE) instance.

It uses your existing OAuth2 credentials and allows authentication via a browser.


You can install the tools via our Homebrew tap on Mac.

brew tap spotify/public
brew install gcs-avro-tools gcs-parquet-cli gcs-proto-tools gcs-magnolify-tools
avro-tools tojson <GCS_PATH>
parquet-cli cat <GCS_PATH>
proto-tools tojson <GCS_PATH>
magnolify-tools <avro|parquet> <GCS_PATH>

Or build them yourself.

sbt assembly
java -jar avro-tools/target/scala-2.13/avro-tools-*.jar tojson <GCS_PATH>
java -jar parquet-cli/target/scala-2.13/parquet-cli-*.jar cat <GCS_PATH>
java -jar proto-tools/target/scala-2.13/proto-tools-*.jar cat <GCS_PATH>
java -jar magnolify-tools/target/scala-2.13/magnolify-tools-*.jar <avro|parquet> <GCS_PATH>

How it works:

To make avro-tools and parquet-cli work with GCS we need:

GCS connector won't pick up your local gcloud configuration, and instead expects settings in core-site.xml.