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Ecclesiastical Latin IPA: /ˈʃi.o/, [ˈʃiː.o], [ˈʃi.i̯o]

Verb: I can, know, understand, have knowledge.

Scio is a Scala API for Google Cloud Dataflow and Apache Beam inspired by Spark and Scalding. See the current API documentation for more information.

Starting from version 0.3.0, Scio will move from Dataflow Java SDK to Beam as its core dependencies and will introduce a few breaking changes. See this page for more.


  • Scala API close to that of Spark and Scalding core APIs
  • Unified batch and streaming programming model1, 2
  • Fully managed service2
  • Integration with Google Cloud products: Cloud Storage, BigQuery, Pub/Sub, Datastore, Bigtable2
  • HDFS source/sink
  • Interactive mode with Scio REPL
  • Type safe BigQuery
  • Integration with Algebird and Breeze
  • Pipeline orchestration with Scala Futures
  • Distributed cache

1 provided by Apache Beam

2 provided by Google Cloud Dataflow

Quick Start

The ubiquitous word count example can be run directly with SBT in local mode, using as input.

sbt "scio-examples/run-main com.spotify.scio.examples.WordCount --output=wc"
cat wc/part-00000-of-00001.txt



Scio includes the following artifacts:

  • scio-core: core library
  • scio-test: test utilities, add to your project as a "test" dependency
  • scio-bigquery: Add-on for BigQuery, included in scio-core but can also be used standalone
  • scio-bigtable: Add-on for Bigtable
  • scio-extra: Extra utilities for working with collections, Breeze, etc.
  • scio-hdfs: Add-on for HDFS


Copyright 2016 Spotify AB.

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0: