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* add support for waiting until streaming pipeline reaches running state
* also added tests
* fix comments and lint issues
* use fstrings, remove typings, add docs
* update tests arguments to wait_until_pipeline_running from wait_until_pipeline_complete
* Fix testing associated with @anersonreyes changes

Co-authored-by: Anderson Reyes <>

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klio: Smarter data pipelines for audio

Apache Licensed Documentation Status Join the #klio channel in Spotify FOSS Slack
Latest Versions of Klio Packages:
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What is Klio?

Klio is an ecosystem that allows you to process audio files – or any binary files – easily and at scale.

Klio jobs are opinionated data pipelines in Python (streaming or batch) built upon Apache Beam and tuned for audio and binary file processing.

Klio was built by Spotify to run our large-scale audio intelligence systems and is used by teams of engineers and audio researchers to help develop and deploy next generation audio algorithms.

Read more about Klio here.

Get Started

Check out our Quick Start guide on how to start using Klio.