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. . . Deprecation Note

This documentation is for release 0.9.0 (from 03/2012), which is built against Scala 2.9.1 and Akka 1.3.1 (see Requirements for more information). Most likely, this is not the place you want to look for information. Please turn to the main spray site at for more information about other available versions.

. . .

spray-server 0.9.0 depends on:

spray-client 0.9.0 depends on:

If you'd like to use one of the following features you need to supply the respective dependencies as well:

For maximum compatibility with your specific environment spray does not come with a hard dependency on any particular Akka version. Rather the dependency on Akka is marked as provided, which means that you can (and must) pull it in yourself.
spray-server and spray-client only use the akka-actor module and do not depend on akka-http or any other akka module.

You can run your spray-server application in any of the following web servers / containers:

  • Any Servlet 3.0 compatible servlet container (Jetty 8, Tomcat 7, GlassFish 3, etc.)
  • Jetty 7
  • Tomcat 6
  • spray-can

In principle spray-server can work with any web server supporting asynchronous request handling, i.e. it's not bound to servlet containers (spray-can for example is not a servlet container). All that is required to support another server is a very thin glue layer. If you'd like to run spray with a server that is not listed above please ask for support on the mailing list.