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Support of Spree is divided into four groups: New features, bug fixes, security issues, and severe security issues. They are handled as follows, all versions in X.Y.Z format.

Spree follows a shifted version of semver:

Patch Z

Only bug fixes, no API changes, no new features. Except as necessary for security fixes.

Minor Y

New features, may contain API changes (Serve as major versions of Semver). Breaking changes are paired with deprecation notices in the previous minor or major release.

Major X

New features, will likely contain API changes. The difference between Spree minor and major releases is the magnitude of breaking changes, and usually reserved for special occasions.

1 New Features

New features are only added to the master branch and will not be made available in point releases.

2 Bug Fixes

Only the latest release series will receive bug fixes. When enough bugs are fixed and its deemed worthy to release a new gem, this is the branch it happens from.

In special situations, where someone from the Core Team agrees to support more series, they are included in the list of supported series.

Currently included series: 3.6.Z.

3 Security Issues

Releases designed for the last 3 Ruby on Rails releases are always supported.

These releases are created by taking the last released version, applying the security patches, and releasing. Those patches are then applied to the end of the x-y-stable branch. For example, a theoretical 1.2.3 security release would be built from 1.2.2, and then added to the end of 1-2-stable. This means that security releases are easy to upgrade to if you're running the latest version of Rails.

Currently included series: 3.6.Z (Rails 5.2), 3.3.Z (Rails 5.1), 3.2.Z (Rails 5.0)

4 Severe Security Issues

The classification of the security issue is judged by the core team.

Currently included series: 3.6.Z (Rails 5.2), 3.3.Z (Rails 5.1), 3.2.Z (Rails 5.0) and 3.1.Z (Rails 4.2).

5 Unsupported Release Series

When a release series is no longer supported, it's your own responsibility to deal with bugs and security issues. We may provide backports of the fixes and publish them to git, however there will be no new versions released. If you are not comfortable maintaining your own versions, you should upgrade to a supported version.

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