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spring-xd-samples is no longer actively maintained by VMware, Inc.

Spring XD Samples

This repository provides sample starter applications and code for use with the Spring XD project. The following samples are available:


Standalone project which shows how you can use the D3 Javascript library to create visualizations for Spring XD counters.


Demonstrates the use of the analytics-pmml module by sending JSON data describing a Iris flower to an http source and using a PMML model to predict the species of Iris.


Shows how to deploy a simple Spring Batch process in Spring XD, without having to compile any code or install any jars.


This sample will take an input file containing payment data, and import the data into a database using Spring XD's batch job support. During import, various notification events are triggered and printed to the console.


This sample will take an input file with Twitter JSON data and count the occurrences of hashtags.


This is the quintessential Hello World example for Spring XD. It consists of only one Spring Batch Tasklet which prints out Hello Spring XD!.


This is the Spring Batch word-count sample for Hadoop adapted for Spring XD. This sample will take an input file and count the occurrences of each word within that document.


A custom module that illustrates how to bind variables defined as module options to a groovy script.


Demonstrates the hdfs sink and its partitioning features.


This sample walks you through setting up Kafka as a message bus for Spring XD, also demonstrating partitining and failover.


This sample walks you through setting up a Kafka source in Spring XD, also demonstrating the use of multiple modules for ingestion efficiency.


This sample project implements a custom processor and demonstrates the use of the Tuple data type.


Demo using Spring XD with Pivotal HD.


A custom module that uses Reactor's Stream API to perform stream analysis.


Demonstrates the use of Reactor's TCP input source


A simple custom sink module project implementing a Redis store, including integration tests.


A simple custom source module project implementing an RSS feed, including integration tests.


A custom module that uses RxJava's Observable API to perform stream analysis.


This sample demonstrates how to create a custom module project, including integration tests, and packaging the module as an uber-jar using maven (requires Spring XD 1.1.x). The project also demonstrates the use of the Spring Integration Java DSL


This sample showcases a fictional use of Spring XD in the context of smart electricity metering and production. It was inspired by the[ACM Distributed Event Based Systems Grand Challenge 2014].


This sample demonstrates how to setup syslog ingestion from multiple hosts into HDFS.


A simple custom processor module project, including integration tests. This one has no external dependencies other than the processor implementation and Spring configuration which is provided either as XML or @Configuration.