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fixed validation listener to use basically the same code as in Mappin… #346

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if (!violations.isEmpty()) {"During object: {} validation violations found: {}", source, violations);"During object: {} validation violations found: {}", target, violations);

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sterlp Mar 8, 2016


unclean but didn't changed --> Logging + Throwing an Exception which may cause double logging of the same Exception / Problem.

christophstrobl and others added some commits Mar 9, 2016

DATAMONGO-1373 - Allow usage of @AliasFor for composed @document anno…

We now resolve aliased attribute values when reading @document on entity types. This allows creation of composed annotations like:

@target({ ElementType.TYPE })
static @interface ComposedDocumentAnnotation {

  @AliasFor(annotation = Document.class, attribute = "collection")
  String name() default "custom-collection-name";

Original pull request: #347.
Related issue: DATACMNS-825.
DATAMONGO-1373 - Allow usage of @AliasFor with mapping and indexing a…

We now support @AliasFor to build composed annotations with: @document, @id, @field, @indexed, @CompoundIndex, @GeoSpatialIndexed, @TextIndexed, @query, and @meta. Added missing license header to @field.

Original pull request: #347.
Related tickets: DATACMNS-825.
DATAMONGO-1373 - Polishing.
Added method, field and annotation target to @field annotation explicitly. Fixed copyright date ranges where needed.

Tweaked formatting in test cases.

Original pull request: #347.
Related ticket: DATACMNS-825.
DATAMONGO-1397 - Polishing.
Switched to Slf4J-native placeholder replacement in debug logging for MongoTemplate.

Original pull request: #348.
DATAMONGO-1387 - Fix BasicQuery getFieldsObject() inconsistency.
We changed BasicQuery to consider its parent getFieldsObject() when not given an explicit fields DBObject.

Original Pull Request: #345
CLA: 165520160303021604 (John Willemin)
DATAMONGO-1387 - Polishing.
Added a few more tests and append values if present on Query.

Original Pull Request: #345
DATAMONGO-1245 - Add support for Query By Example.
An explorative approach to QBE trying find possibilities and limitations. We now support querying documents by providing a sample of the given object holding compare values. For the sake of partial matching we flatten out nested structures so we can create different queries for matching like:

{ _id : 1, nested : { value : "conflux" } }
{ _id : 1, nested.value : { "conflux" } }

This is useful when you want so search using a only partially filled nested document. String matching can be configured to wrap strings with $regex which creates { firstname : { $regex : "^foo", $options: "i" } } when using StringMatchMode.STARTING along with the ignoreCaseOption. DBRefs and geo structures such as Point or GeoJsonPoint is converted to their according structure.

Related tickets: DATACMNS-810.
Original pull request: #341.
DATAMONGO-1245 - Initial documentation for Query by Example.
Adopt changes from query by example API refactoring.

Related tickets: DATACMNS-810.
Original pull request: #341.
DATAMONGO-1245 - Polishing.
Adapt to API changes in Spring Data Commons.

Related tickets: DATACMNS-810.
Original pull request: #341.
DATAMONGO-1245 - Final tweaks to Query by Example documentation.
Tweaked section anchor to match conventions. Use level offsets to accommodate changes in Spring Data Commons.
Paul Sterl

@sterlp sterlp closed this Mar 22, 2016


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commented Mar 22, 2016

Created a new one with test #350

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