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Spyder Documentation

Spyder Docs - Documentation for the Scientific Python Development Environment

Copyright (c) 2009- Spyder Doc Contributors and others (see AUTHORS.txt)

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This repository contains the documentation for Spyder, the Scientific Python Development Environment. You can view the live docs for current and past Spyder versions at

For more information about Spyder itself, please see our website and the main repo.

Building and Deploying

The docs are built with Sphinx and deployed with GitHub Actions to the domain. The master branch contains the in-development docs for Spyder 5, while the 4.x branch with the Spyder 4 docs is still maintained, and the frozen 3.x branch retains the docs for the legacy Spyder 3.


We welcome your contributions of corrections, additions and enhancements to these docs, as they are very much a work in progress, and we appreciate getting our broad community involved wherever possible. To do so, simply submit a PR with your changes and we'll be happy to review it; make sure to read our Contributing Guide in mind to ensure the process of getting your revisions integrated goes smoothly.

Thanks for your interest in Spyder and its documentation, and we appreciate your support of the project!

More information

Main Website

Download Spyder (with Anaconda)

Online Documentation

Spyder Github

Troubleshooting Guide and FAQ

Development Wiki

Gitter Chatroom

Google Group

@Spyder_IDE on Twitter

@SpyderIDE on Facebook

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