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Shell scripts that belong outside of the shell configuration file itself.
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Shell Scripts

This is a collection of shell scripts which are too complex or specific to add directly into the shell configuration file.

Note: Most of these use ZSH. If you use Bash and don't have ZSH, most of them will work out of the box just by switching the shebang to bash.


The scripts you will probably be the most interested in are:

  • web-dev/compile-and-run-on-file-change
    Useful for projects using a compiled language. Whenever a file of the specified file extension is modified, the project is recompiled. I use this all the time.
  • utilities/todo
    This is a command line todo list. It is useful because you can add as many todos as you want and still not be overwealmed - only the top task is shown when prompted. Working from the top to the bottom of todo lists is very effective.
  • sysadmin/pacman-generate-fastest-mirrors
    Using Arch Linux? Want to optimize your mirrorlist? Clap And you're done.
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