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Integrating plants with AppleCore

Ryan Liptak edited this page Dec 10, 2017 · 7 revisions

Note: Deprecated in Minecraft 1.10.2+

In Minecraft versions 1.10.2 and newer, AppleCore's plant growth events have been deprecated in favor of Forge's

Plant Growth Ticks

Note: This is only relevant if your Block class either does not extend BlockCrops or overrides BlockCrops.updateTick without calling super.updateTick. If you use the default BlockCrops.updateTick implementation, your plant growth ticks will fire the relevant AppleCore events automatically.

A general checklist for manual integration:

  • Event.Result.ALLOW: always allow the growth tick without condition
  • Event.Result.DEFAULT: continue with the conditionals as normal
  • Event.Result.DENY: always disallow the growth tick

An example implementation can be found here:

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