Code for EMNLP 2016 paper "Equation Parsing : Mapping Sentences to Grounded Equations"
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Equation Parsing


Code and data used for the paper

Subhro Roy, Shyam Upadhyay and Dan Roth. Equation Parsing : Mapping Sentences to Grounded Equations. EMNLP 2016.

If you use the code or data, please cite the above publication.


Data can be found in the folder data/equationparsebrat/.

Instructions to run the code :

You will need to have maven installed in your system. To download the dependencies, run

mvn dependency:copy-dependencies

Next compile using :

mvn compile     

Finally here are the options:

  1. sh Numoccur : Predicts quantity trigger list. Output file log/Numoccur.out

  2. sh Var : Predicts variable trigger list. Output file log/Var.out

  3. sh Tree : Predicts equation tree. Output file log/Tree.out

  4. sh Pipeline : Runs the first three classifiers in a pipeline, and predicts complete equation parse. Output file log/Pipeline.out. Assumes steps 1-3 have been already run.

  5. sh : Runs the pipeline method end to end, basically runs steps 1 to 4.

  6. sh Joint : Runs the joint model to predict complete equation parse. Output file : log/Joint.out

Other Issues

Please send any suggestions, comments, issues to