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The Speech Recognition Virtual Kitchen

Virtual Machines and Containers for Automatic Speech Recognition Research, Development, and Education


  1. eesen eesen Public

    The official repository of the Eesen project

    C++ 824 342

  2. eesen-transcriber eesen-transcriber Public

    EESEN based offline transcriber VM using models trained on TEDLIUM and Cantab Research

    Shell 49 15

  3. DiViMe DiViMe Public

    ACLEW Diarization Virtual Machine

    Shell 30 9

  4. jsalt-2018-grounded-s2s jsalt-2018-grounded-s2s Public

    Grounded Sequence-to-Sequence Transduction Team at JSALT 2018

    CSS 1 2

  5. Public

    The Speech Recognition Virtual Kitchen Wiki

    CSS 2

  6. how2-dataset how2-dataset Public

    This repository contains code and metadata of How2 dataset

    Python 150 17


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