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WebGL Experiments


The usage of the word experiment should always be kept in mind when viewing, evaluating, or using any of the code or ideas demonstrated within this repository.


(View the Experiments Live)

A collection of various experiments made using WebGL.

In addition to the ideas displayed in the various demos, this repository houses a very simple rendering engine with the following concepts:

  • Scene - composed of a number of scene objects
  • SceneObject - individual object in the scene with it's own rendering information and update logic
  • RenderableComponent - combination of a material and mesh
  • Material - combination of a shader program and a collection of uniforms and properties
  • MaterialPropertyBlock - properties supplied as input to shaders. Either a uniform or attribute dependending on the material.
  • Mesh - combination of a vertex and index buffer
  • Renderer - responsible for drawing all applicable scene objects
  • Transform - combination of a position, rotation, and scale



Demonstrates the use of instancing to render large numbers of objects more efficiently.


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