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Just a sandbox to try to covert a series of parenthesis into colors and posibly shapes. There are very few stated goals.


SDL 1.2

SBCL with thread support.

The code should be as portable as its dependencies, the scaffolding should have enough hooks to be made portable, but only SBCL specific defaults are shipping.

GNU Make is used to bootstrap the project. Is only needed for development, or where no other structure to access lisp systems is in place.

THe only caveat of the make develop scaffold is that it ensures the vendor/ subdirectory is of a higher priority on the ASDF search path than usual.


$ git clone
$ cd pppp
$ make develop

This should put you in a position where you can fire up your lisp REPL (or run make lisp to open one) and be able to evaluate (ql:quickload :pppp) without any issues.

From here, there is only forever.