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Static blog generator

Short intro

This is yet another tool to build static blogs. The basic idea - you write your posts in asciidoc format (see Asciidoctor Writers Guide) and blog-builder generates from these posts a bunch of html/css/js files.

The generated code can be uploaded to any web server and you get a beautiful blog without a pain.


  • Information about author;
  • Code highlighting;
  • Include images and youtube videos;
  • "Follow me on Twitter" button;
  • Sharing post on Twitter and G+;
  • Google Analytics integration.

How to use

Blog builder is distributed as docker image. You can launch it with the following command:

docker run -d --name=blog-builder \ 
	-p 8888:8080 \ 
	-v /home/sergey/blog-source:/source \ 
	-v /home/sergey/blog-result:/result \ 
	-v /home/sergey/blog-config:/config \ 

You should mount 3 directories:

  • /source, with files in asciidoc format and .asc extension.
  • /result, where to put generated html.
  • /config, with configuration file named

To re-generate blog visit: http://localhost:8888/rebuild.

To see your blog visit: http://localhost:8888.


Example of file:

blog.root.url= Sinica

How to publish

Blog builder respects .git directory and CNAME file in result directory. These files will not be changed during blog re-generation. So the easiest way to publish your blog is to use github pages.

Post format

= Post caption
:date: 22-12-2013
:permalink: the_first_post
:tags: java, docker

== This is a title for test post

Hello folks!

This is a sample post