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Change direction arrow in weil

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aisejohan committed Oct 7, 2019
1 parent 4e7bbd6 commit d6867b6be520fe47104ebd0211a230318870185f
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@@ -157,9 +157,9 @@ \section{Monoidal categories}
X \otimes (Y \otimes ( Z \otimes W)) \ar[r] \ar[d] &
(X \otimes Y) \otimes (Z \otimes W) \ar[r] &
((X \otimes Y) \otimes Z) \otimes W \ar[d] \\
((X \otimes Y) \otimes Z) \otimes W \\
X \otimes ((Y \otimes Z) \otimes W) \ar[rr] & &
(X \otimes (Y \otimes Z)) \otimes W
(X \otimes (Y \otimes Z)) \otimes W \ar[u]
is commutative where every arrow is determined by a suitable application

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