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Formik Material Ui

Bindings for using Formik with Material UI.

Getting Started

yarn add formik-material-ui


  • Convenience: This project containis mostly the tedious wrapper code needed to convert the formik field props to Material UI shapes. Which is why certain assumptions are made (See below). The mapping functions are exported so you can build on top of them for more specialized behavior

Form Behaviour Assumptions

  • Errors are only displayed on touched/dirty fields
  • Fields are disabled during submission

Non Goals

  • Negate the need to import Material UI directly or create custom components


Custom onChange

import MuiTextField from '@material-ui/core/TextField';
import {fieldToTextField, TextField, TextFieldProps} from 'formik-material-ui';
const UppercasingTextField = (props: TextFieldProps) => (
    onChange={event => {
      const {value} =;
        value ? value.toUpperCase() : ''

Composing mappers

import {fieldToTextField} from 'formik-material-ui';

<Field name="name" render={(props) => (<div>
  <Comp1 {...fieldToText(props)}>
  <Comp2 {...fieldToText(props)}>
</div>)} />


yarn install
yarn storybook

Running tests

yarn prepublishOnly