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Stakater Blueprint for small utility modules on AWS. Stakater is an Infrastructure-as-Code DevOps solution to automate the creation of web infrastructure stack on AWS. Stakater is based on Docker, CoreOS, Terraform, Packer, Docker Compose, GoCD, Fleet, ETCD, and more.
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This blueprint contains utility modules that are used to set up a best practices infrastructure in your AWS account.

  • Utilities
    • Route53
      • Public
      • Private

What is a blueprint?

At Stakater, we've taken the thousands of hours we spent building infrastructure on AWS and condensed all that experience and code into pre-built blueprints or packages or modules. Each blueprint is a battle-tested, best-practices definition of a piece of infrastructure, such as a VPC, ECS cluster, or an Auto Scaling Group. Modules are versioned using Semantic Versioning to allow Stakater clients to keep up to date with the latest infrastructure best practices in a systematic way.

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