Code to create a separate contacts and calendar database in Android
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Hi there!

This code is intended to serve as a working example of how to set up an
"account" on Android, along with dummy (or working) sync adapters for contacts
and calendar data. This allows you to store contact and calendar info on an
Android device without going through the existing sync providers (primarily

This code is not intended to be used as-is, since it does a bunch of stuff like
make HTTP requests against a server with undocumented interfaces and so on.
Instead, use this code as a guide and take any parts that you need when rolling
your own solution. Alternatively, start with this code and rip out all the
HTTP-related code and replace it with stubs.

There are three main "chunks" of code, which are in the three subdirectories
under accounts/src/com/staktrace/pimple.

1. The account authenticator
   The code under accounts/ implements the Android account interfaces, so that
   you can create an account of type "pimple". As-is the code requires a
   username in the form of user@host and a password, and then attempts to verify
   the user/password against a login script on "host". Feel free to rip that
   part out (the HttpAuthenticator class) and just hard-code the places it's
   used with an auth token or something.

2. The contact sync adapter
   The code under touch/ implements a one-way sync adapter that pulls contacts
   from "host" and parses them assuming they're in a vcard format. It then
   updates the local (device) contact store with the pulled data. Again, feel
   free to rip that part out if you want.

   Note that there is a file at accounts/res/xml/contacts.xml which is
   registered in the AndroidManifest.xml as an
   android.provider.CONTACTS_STRUCTURE. This is the thing that lets you create
   a new contact into the pimple account using the contacts app on-device.
   Without this part you won't be able to create new contacts from the UI.

3. The calendar sync adapter
   The code under epoch/ provides a dummy sync adapter that doesn't do anything
   except pretend that it syncs calendar entries. Again, this allows you to
   create and manipulate calendar entries via the calendar app on-device,
   and they get "synced" to the pimple account rather than to Google or any
   other service.

That's all, folks!