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A GUI (and command-line) tool for modifying Crazy Taxi 3 to support custom resolutions, higher framerate and higher field of view.



  • ✔ Finalize library
  • ✔ Command-line functionality
  • ❌ Graphical interface
  • ❌ Music modification (via ffmpeg)

Texture/asset modification

I am planning on implementing asset modding into CT3Tweaks, however there is quite a bit of research that needs to be done beforehand. If you perhaps know a thing or two about reverse engineering texture formats, check out my post on Reverse Engineering where I've compiled everything I know about the format CT3 uses. Reply on that post or join my Discord if you wish to discuss and share your knowledge. Thank you!


Having issues or some kind of question you need to ask? Join my Discord! Although I don't monitor it all the time, it's the best way to reach me for support.


Any and all pull requests or other contributions are welcome! Please keep the code style uniform across the entire codebase.