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Modern tools for data driven development. Ship Faster!

Welcome to Statsig

Make data-driven product decisions with the most trusted feature management, analytics and experimentation platform. With the most advanced stats engine, you can understand how every product investment is performing. Take control of development costs by winding down things that aren’t working and doubling down on those that are.

What is Statsig?

Statsig is an all-in-one Feature Management, Analytics and Experimentation platform that enables Product, Engineering, and Data Science teams to control feature launches, measure the impact of each change that ships, and run sophisticated experiments with the most powerful stats-engine in the world.

Statsig can work across any sample size (B2B or B2C); between any stack (frontend, backend, ranking, infra); across any platform (mobile, desktop, web, IOT); at any scale (startups to large enterprises).

With Statsig, you can:

  • Control the rollout of feature launches
  • Measure the impact of every product update, no matter how small or large
  • Build a culture of data-driven decision making
  • Run 10x more product experiments with low-lift

Statsig empowers product teams to ship faster and make quick decisions with more certainty, while freeing your DS teams to focus on higher-value insights.

Free to Start and Easy to Integrate

We’ve made it easy to get started with Statsig. With a free Statsig account, you can set up a feature in minutes, then pick any of the numerous supported SDKs and start logging events from your website or app.

Statsig integrates with your existing data warehouses (Snowflake, BigQuery & Redshift), along with most standard aggregators like Segment, Amplitude, Fivetran, and others.

Hundreds of customers

Join 100s of companies that found Statsig superior to any solution out there.



  1. statsig-feedback statsig-feedback Public

    Issue Tracker for Statsig. Leave your feedback on anything we do!


  2. node-js-server-sdk node-js-server-sdk Public

    Statsig's SDK for server-side Node.js applications.

    TypeScript 17 13

  3. ios-sdk ios-sdk Public

    Statsig's SDK for client-side iOS applications.

    Swift 13 7

  4. android-sdk android-sdk Public

    Statsig's SDK for client-side Android applications written in Java or Kotlin

    Kotlin 6 4

  5. js-client js-client Public

    Statsig's SDK for client-side javascript applications.

    TypeScript 15 11

  6. statuspage statuspage Public

    A simple, zero-dependency, pure js/html status page based on GitHub Pages and Actions.

    JavaScript 671 283


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