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Releases: statsim/app


28 Jun 13:14
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Features (relative to ):

  • Port from Vue 2 to Vue 3
  • Switch to Vuetify
  • Add a flow-based interface
  • UI improvements (sidebar resize, one sidebar rather than 2)

Fixes (latest)

  • Implemented the observer block (#34)
  • Implemented predefined expressions
  • Fixed getPositions throwing an error when switching from blocks to flow


25 Jan 23:25
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Features / Fixes

  • StatSim works offline now (appcache)
  • Too much recursion error fixed (link)
  • Add control buttons to the graph, remove scrolling
  • Add favicons
  • Update parameter inputs


03 Dec 15:04
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New features

  • Drag & Drop support
  • New type of blocks (functions)
  • New graph engine
  • Icons
  • Array, Vector, Tensor data types
  • Include other models with all their blocks
  • Shadow nodes
  • Nice scrollbar
  • Choose time-start value (instead of default 0)

Bug fixes

  • Faster switch between models
  • Fix position of nodes when switching
  • Overflow hidden for block label
  • Update table function, expression values in iterations
  • Don't create a base model when a query exists
  • Update inputs on blur
  • Show only relevant shadow nodes
  • Update deps (event-stream vulnerability)


10 Nov 11:15
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Bug fixes

  • Don't check units of historical values in time series
  • Fix model input block when many inputs exist
  • Fix drop-down in dark mode
  • Update graph lines
  • Fix link block in preview mode


  • Data types added. It's easier now to choose a correct value for data in the preview mode.


09 Nov 09:03
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Critical bug found during time-series modeling in Linux and Windows versions.
Download the latest version 0.9.1

New features

  • Units for data, expressions and accumulators
  • Automatically set units for an expression based on the expression itself (if x is cm, (2 * x) / (x * x) produces 1/cm etc)
  • Simulate models with multiple Markov chains simultaneously. Each chain is processed on a separate web-worker.
  • Simulation method is changed automatically when adding new blocks

Bug fixes

  • Fix padding in preview mode
  • Random variables' length parameters now accepts another variables
  • Remove markup creation via innerHTML
  • When an array or tensor is passed as a parameter to RV, iterate over it only in special cases (not always)
  • Fix MAP error when no MAP exist
  • Some styles update


28 Oct 15:33
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Bug fixes

  • Updated checkboxes (added input and output, instead of parameters and results)
  • Fixed expressions history in intervals
  • Fixed accumulators history
  • Value boxes in results changed to separator blocks
  • Unified padding
  • Array charts start from 1 not 0


26 Oct 09:07
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New features

  • Table view for model data
  • PDF with kernel density smoothing

Bug fixes

  • Updated CDF function
  • Typos
  • Prevent double loading of webppl


22 Oct 17:29
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Security update

  • Move execution to a Web Worker
  • Nullify network objects


  • Count top 5 samples for discrete random variables
  • Fix graph display on small screens
  • Fix summary block on mobile devices
  • Meaningful logs


21 Oct 09:01
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New features

  • Preview mode
  • Flat model graph on mobile devices

v0.7.0b (Seal)

20 Oct 15:10
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New features:

  • Multi-layer neural networks
  • Server-side model compilation to binaries (Linux, Windows) and HTML
  • Highlight model parameters inputs
  • On-boarding info
  • UI updates

Bug fixes:

  • Pass needed settings to optimization method
  • Parse 2D arrays correctly
  • Update loader