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Specifications for Status clients.
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Specifications for Status clients

This repository contains a list of specifications for implementing Status and its various capabilities.

Current state

As of July 2019, we are currently in the process of documenting current specifications. We are als implementing an isolated reference library for them. These specifications are expected to be frozen at the Status V1 launch and be used as a reference point for client implementers and security audits.

Status Improvement Proposals (SIPs)


No accepted SIPs right now.


The following SIPs are under consideration for standardization.

Drafts are prepended with x to indicate that they aren't accepted yet.

Num Title
x4 Initial Protocol Overview
x5 Initial Trust Establishment Specification
x6 Initial Conversational Security Specification
x7 Initial Transport Privacy through Whisper Specification
x8 Initial Message Payload Specification Specification
x9 Status Account Creation and Maintenance Specification

Protocol Research

These are protocols that are currently being researched. These are designed to be useful outside of Status as well. To the extent that these protocols are used within Status clients, they will show up as SIPs in the future.

To see more on this, please visit the current home: vac protocol.

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