Ada Web Application

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Ada Web Application is a framework to build a web application.

  • AWA uses Ada Server Faces for the web framework. This framework is using several patterns from the Java world such as Java Server Faces and Java Servlets.
  • AWA provides a set of ready to use and extendable modules that are common to many web application. This includes managing the login, authentication, users, permissions.
  • AWA uses an Object Relational Mapping that helps in writing Ada applications on top of MySQL or SQLite databases. The ADO framework allows to map database objects into Ada records and access them easily.
  • To avoid the blank page syndrome, the Dynamo application generator is provided to quickly create a new project, add a new database model or add a presentation page.

Ada Web Application Architecture

The AWA framework runs on top of GNU/Linux, Windows or NetBSD.


Version 1.0 released on July 2014 is available

  • New countries plugin to provide country/region/city data models
  • New settings plugin to control application user settings
  • New tags plugin to easily add tags in applications
  • New <awa:tagList> and <awa:tagCloud> components for tag display
  • Add tags to the question and blog plugins
  • Add comments to the blog post





Ada Web Application uses the following projects:

  • [ Ada Utility]
  • [ Ada EL]
  • [ Ada ASF]
  • [ Ada Database Objects]
  • [ Ada Security]
  • [ Dynamo the Ada Web Application Generator]
  • [ Ada Web Server]
  • [ XML/Ada]
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