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support for ldap whoami() operation

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Root committed Oct 5, 2010
1 parent 7dad23b commit e50daab5837583ea19111edf4ad0a69ce0a8104d
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@@ -96,3 +96,7 @@ def modrdn(l, dn, newrdn):
def passwd(l, dn, oldpw, newpw):
ldebug("Changing password for %s" % dn)
l.passwd_s(dn, oldpw, newpw)
def whoami(l):
return l.whoami_s()
@@ -37,6 +37,10 @@ def tuple_to_dn(t):
for (attr,val) in t)
def whoami():
return lc.whoami()
class LDAPClass(type):
'''Classes which are mapped to LDAP. LDAPClass is used as a metaclass for
LDAP-mapped classes. So, a class User might subclass LDAPObject and would

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