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Base package for showing intentions in Atom
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Intentions is a base package that provides an easy-to-use API to show intentions based in Atom.


The default keybinding on OSX to trigger list is ctrl + enter. If you want to trigger intentions highlights, press alt.

The default keybinding on Windows and Linux to trigger list is alt + enter. If you want to trigger intentions highlights press ctrl.


Intentions provides two kinds of APIs, there's Intentions List API that allows you to add items to intentions list. Here is what it looks like,

Intentions List API

The second type of API is highlight API. It allows packages to mark buffer ranges and do cool thing with them. It can be jump-to-declaration click, show type on mouse move and show color as underline. Here is what it looks like

Intentions Highlight API

You can find docs about both of these in Intentions Wiki


This package is licensed under the terms of MIT License, see the license file for more info.

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