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Cosgrove is a STEEM Centric Discord Bot Framework that allows you to write your own Discord bots that interact with the STEEM blockchain.

One example of a bot that uses this framework is @banjo on SteemSpeak.

New features

  • Support for SteemApi (replacing SteemData)
  • Optimized interactive messages to update as data is acquired
  • Gem updates.


  • Registration
    • $register <account> [chain] - associate account with your Discord user (chain default steem)
  • Verification
    • $verify <account> [chain] - check account association with Discord users (chain default steem)
  • Up Voting
    • $upvote [url] - upvote from cosgrove; empty or ^ to upvote last steemit link
    • The ability for each discord channel to have its own upvote weight, as well as have a default. Upvote voting weight can be:
      • dynamic - uses the bot's current voting recharge percent as the upvote percent.
      • upvote_rules - uses channel specific rules.
      • 100.00 % - can be any valid voting percentage.
      • disable_comment_voting - only posts can get votes.
    • CommentJob for creating automated replies.
    • Callback on_success_upvote_job which can be used to, for example, reply to the post after being upvoted.
    • Market data now uses Bittrex instead of Poloniex.
    • operators to keep track of steem accounts that can do things like block upvotes (by blockchain mute).


$ gem install cosgrove

... or in your Gemfile

source ''

gem 'cosgrove'


Add a config file to your ruby project called config.yml:

  :secure: set this
  :operators: <account names seperated by space>
  :upvote_weight: upvote_rules
        :upvote_weight: 50.00 %
        :channel_id: <Your Favorite Channel ID>
        :upvote_weight: 100.00 %
        :disable_comment_voting: true
  :log_mode: info

You will need to request a token and client_id from Discord (see below).

Provide the accounts and wif private postings keys if you want your bot to upvote posts.

You should change the secure key using the output of:


Bot Registration

  1. Request a new bot here:
  2. Register an application and create an app bot user.
  3. Replace APP_CLIENT_ID with the App's Client ID in this URL:
  4. Give that URL to the Discord server/guild owner and have them authorize the bot.
  5. Set the token and client_id in your bot constructor (see below).


Some features provided by cosgrove require access to SteemSQL, which is a Microsoft SQL database containing all the Steem blockchain data.

Please note:

SteemSQL has moved to a monthly subscription model and the default free account/password “steemit/steemit” has been disabled.

If you intend to use SteemSQL, you can provide the credentials in, then use this terminal command to enable SteemSQL just before running your bot. Copy the example and add your credentials:

source path/to/

Features that currently require SteemSQL:

  • Details in $mvests command
  • Any command that tries to suggest account names
  • $upvote (when checking for dailly limits)


Cosgrove is based on discordrb, see:

All features offered by discordrb are available in Cosgrove. In addition, Cosgrove comes with pre-defined commands. See them by typing: $help

You can add you features thusly:

require 'cosgrove'

bot =

bot.message(with_text: 'Ping!') do |event|
  event.respond 'Pong!'


  • Clone the client repository into a directory of your choice:
    • git clone
  • Navigate into the new folder
    • cd cosgrove
  • Basic tests can be invoked as follows:
    • rake
  • To run tests with parallelization and local code coverage:
    • HELL_ENABLED=true rake

See my previous Ruby How To posts in: #radiator #ruby

Also see:

Get in touch!

If you're using Cosgrove, I'd love to hear from you. Drop me a line and tell me what you think! I'm @inertia on STEEM and Discord.


I don't believe in intellectual "property". If you do, consider Cosgrove as licensed under a Creative Commons CC0 License.