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GBot Trader

Dependency Status

This app is working with server maintenance.


  • Wex
  • Poloniex
  • Bittrex
  • Exmo
  • Bitfinex
  • Liqui
  • Dsx
  • Binance (Unofficial)
  • Cex (Unofficial)
  • Cryptopia (Unofficial)
  • Kraken (Unofficial)
  • Yobit (Unofficial)
  • Huobi (Unofficial)
  • Kucoin (Unofficial)
  • Hitbtc (Unofficial)
  • Okex (Unofficial)
  • Bleutrade (Unofficial)

The module on the exchange Unofficial is purchased separately from third-party developers! Telegram - @solvento.

Full version in Russian documentation



Before asking questions, please read the FAQ RU. Most of the answers you will find in it.


  1. Install node.js or use hosting (heroku, pivotal, UltraVDS, Zomro and etc.)

  2. Copy the repository and install the dependency packages:

$ git clone
$ cd gbot-trader
$ npm i


Telegram. Creating a new bot

If you use the option TELEGRAM_OFF, then this paragraph is not necessary.


Use the /newbot command to create a new bot. The BotFather will ask you for a name and username, then generate an authorization token for your new bot.
The name of your bot is displayed in contact details and elsewhere.
The Username is a short name, to be used in mentions and links. Usernames are 5-32 characters long and are case insensitive, but may only include Latin characters, numbers, and underscores. Your bot's username must end in ‘bot’, e.g. ‘trade_bot’ or ‘TradeBot’.
The token is a string along the lines of 110201543:AAHdqTcvCH1vGWJxfSeofSAs0K5PALDsaw that is required to authorize the bot and send requests to the Bot API.

The receipt of Telegram ID

  1. Set the parameters API Exchange: EXCHANGE, KEY, SECRET and TELEGRAM_TOKEN.
  2. Run GBot Trader.
  3. Write your Telegram bot (which you created earlier using @BotFather) any message, you will receive your id number.
  4. Turn Off GBot Trader.
  5. Set the parameters TELEGRAM_ID.

Parameters variable environment:

Required parameters

Option Description Type Default
KEY API key string -
SECRET API secret string -
NAME_COIN Trading currency string ltc
NAME_COIN_TWO Trading currency string usd
EXCHANGE The choice of the exchange
poloniex (inverted pairs)
bittrex (inverted pairs)
string -
EXCHANGE_HOST Host exchange API. If the primary host is not available. string -

Parameters for Telegram

Option Description Type Default
TELEGRAM_TOKEN Telegram token string -
TELEGRAM_ID Your User ID Telegram number -
SOCKS5_USERNAME Username SOCKS5 string -
SOCKS5_PASSWORD Password SOCKS5 string -
TELEGRAM_OFF Disable Telegram boolean false

Option TELEGRAM_OFF disables the ability to use Telegram in the bot. All management and all notifications sent via Telegram are the same are disabled!

By default, the bot will work at default settings. You can change them using the following options.

Used trade options

Option Description Type Default
TIME_UPDATE_AUTO_SETTINGS Interval update of auto settings (min) number 2
DEPOSIT_LIMIT Deposit consuming percent or the absolute number

If an absolute number is specified: the size of the used part of the Deposit in the currency NAME_COIN_TWO.
For exchanges with inverted currency in the currency of the parameter NAME_COIN
number or string 100%
COUNT_ORDERS Quantity all orders.
How many will be installed.
number Calculated based on deposit amount
QUANTITY_ORDERS_IN_BLOCKS Quantity orders in blocks
How many orders will be simultaneously on the market.
number 0
HOLD_QUANTITY_ORDERS To hold a given number of orders in QUANTITY_ORDERS_IN_BLOCKS
(FAQ п.22)
boolean true
GREEDY_FIRST_ORDER_SIZE Size of the "zero" order in the traded currency or percentage
Format: 0.1 or 5%
number or string 0
GREEDY_FIRST_ORDER_SIZE_INSECOND_CURRENCY Size of the "zero" order in the base currency number 0
SIZE_FIRST_ORDERS The size of the first order in the currency being traded or in percent
Example: 0.1 or 5%
string 0
SIZE_FIRST_ORDERS_INSECOND_CURRENCY The size of the first order in the base currency number 0
SIZE_ORDERS_MARTINGALE The size of the orders for Martingale (for Exponential - %, Linear - absolute number)
Example: 0.1 or 5%
string or number 0
CONTINUE_MARTINGALE_GRID To continue the grid Martingale when you restart the bot (saves the order size) boolean false
TRADING_PRICE_RANGE Price range allowed for bidding, absolute numbers or percentages.
If not specified, no restrictions
string -
TRADING_PRICE_RANGE_OTHER Range of prices, another currency pair allowed for trading, absolute numbers or percentages.
If not specified, no restrictions
string -
OTHER_PAIR Currency pair to monitor the price range. Specified as well as on the exchange.
Example: btc/usd
string -
IGNORE_ORDERS_AT_START Ignore the previously set orders at the start / restart of the bot boolean false
DELAY_TIME_CYCLES Delay in seconds before starting a new cycle
* for One orders: after execution of a profit order
* for Scalper: after TIME_CLOSE_ORDERS
number 0
STOP_LOSS_ABS Absolute price value for Stop Loss
(FAQ п.53)
number 0
BUY_STOP_ABS Absolute price value for Buy Stop
(FAQ п.53)
number 0
STOP_LOSS_FLOATING Percentage of price drop from High price to trigger a floating Stop Loss number 0


The size of the order for SIZE_FIRST_ORDERS_INSECOND_CURRENCY will be calculated by the formula SIZE_FIRST_ORDERS_INSECOND_CURRENCY / price



With the manual size of the first order RANGE_OFFSET does not work, and COUNT_ORDERS will be calculated automatically.

Offset orders

The possible indentation of the orders. Select one of the offered.

Option Description Type Default
OFFSET_FIRST_ORDERS_PERCENT Position difference of the first order in % number 0
OFFSET_FIRST_ORDERS_POINTS Position difference of the first order in points number 0
OFFSET_ORDERS_POINTS Position difference between orders in points number 10
OFFSET_ORDERS_PERCENT Position difference between orders in % number 0
OFFSET_ORDERS_EXPONENTIAL Position difference between orders is exponentially in % number 0
RANGE_OFFSET Range offset number 0

Parameter OFFSET_FIRST_ORDERS_PERCENT or OFFSET_FIRST_ORDERS_POINTS can be used in conjunction with any of the selected options.

To set the first order in the market, use OFFSET_FIRST_ORDERS_PERCENT=-1.

Disable orders grid

Option Description Type Default
DISABLE_GRID_SELL Disable order placement on the grid for Sell orders boolean false
DISABLE_GRID_BUY Disable order placement on the grid for Buy orders boolean false

Modules AutoConfig

Option Description Type Default
DANGER_PRICE_STOP Bot stopping according to the price spike boolean false
DANGER_PRICE_STOP_PERCENT The percentage of the price spike for the bot stopping number 9
DYNAMIC_SETTINGS_TIME Dynamic time updating for auto options boolean false
DYNAMIC_OFFSET_ORDERS Dynamic order allocation boolean false
DYNAMIC_OFFSET_INTERVAL The price check interval for the dynamic grid (in minutes) number 60
DYNAMIC_OFFSET_PROFIT_DIVISOR The divisor of the change of the profitable order number 10
TREND_DEFINITION Trend determination (Experimentally) boolean false
ABRUPT_CHANGE_TREND Rapid trend reversal (Experimentally) boolean false
OFF_MODULES_AUTO_SETTINGS Disabling all Autotune Modules boolean false

Options TREND_DEFINITION ABRUPT_CHANGE_TREND only for strategy Scalper.


Individual parameters strategies

All the strategies are mutually exclusive. If no strategy is selected, use the strategy of "Scalper".

Strategy "Scalper" and "Bollinger Bands"

Option Description Type Default
TIME_CLOSE_ORDERS Closing time of unused orders (min) number 5
TIME_CLOSE_ORDERS_INACTIVITY Closing time of undemanded orders (min) number 15

Strategy "Scalper"

Option Description Type Default
TYPE_SCALPER Scalper type of work. Value: 1 or 2 number 1
Percentage of breakeven
number 50
TRADING_AMOUNT_RANGE Range of random order size
Values are specified in the format start/end of the range.
string -

When using TRADING_AMOUNT_RANGE, the parameters COUNT_ORDERS, SIZE_ORDERS_MARTINGALE, SIZE_FIRST_ORDERS_*, etc. do not make sense and will be ignored.

Strategy "Bollinger Bands"

Option Description Type Default
BBANDS Bollinger Bands (Trend strategy!) boolean false
BBANDS_DEVIATION Deviation number 2
RSI_TYPE rsi or stochrsi string rsi
RSI_PERIOD Period RSI number 14
RSI_RANGE_SELL RSI range for sell
Values are specified in the format start/end of the range.
string 70/100
RSI_RANGE_BUY RSI range for buy string 1/30
TIMEFRAME Time-frame. Interval of interrogation of the prices (minutes) number 1
CLOSE_GRID_OPPOSITE Closes the opposite orders grid boolean false
SAVE_PRICE_FILE Save price cache to a file boolean false
PRICE_FILE_PATH A custom path to the directory with the file string Folder with bot

If RSI_PERIOD = 0, then the indicator is disabled and trading occurs only on the BBANDS indicator!

If you use the SAVE_PRICE_FILE option, you need write access to the directory. Note that if you run the bot and the real market prices are different from those in the file, the original orders may get wrong and sell at a loss!

The parameter SAVE_PRICE_FILE will not work on PaaS platforms (Heroku, Pivotal and any other platforms where container virtualization tools are used)!

Strategy "One Orders"

When you start the strategy of "Sell One, Buy a lot" the initial state of the balance of the base currency in the pair is ignored!

Option Description Type Default
ONE_ORDERS_SELL Strategy: "One Sell a lot Buy" boolean false
ONE_ORDERS_BUY Strategy: "One Buy a lot Sell" boolean false
ONE_ORDERS_OFFSET The difference between LastPrice and first order in the stack of orders in %.
Will pull the order, if this value is exceeded.
number 2
ONE_ORDERS_PROFIT_PERCENT Specifies the percentage desired profit
May take a fixed value, and range min/max
string or number 1
ONE_ORDERS_SPO_PERCENT Sets the percentage of the desired profit when the price jumps. number 0
INTEGRITY_CONTROL_ORDERS Integrity control orders (soft or hard) string soft
TYPE_DATA_USED Where to get information about the used orders:
active - active orders
history - active orders + trading history
string active
FIRST_LOADING_HISTORY Download the history when you start the bot boolean false
NUMBER_ROWS_LOAD_HISTORY Number of rows to load history number 100
LOAD_HISTORY_DAYS The number of days of history
While only used for Poloniex
number 30
SAVE_HISTORY Save a copy of history to your computer boolean false
CYCLES_AUTO_EXIT How many cycles to make the exit number 0
AUTO_EXIT_PERCENT How much percentage should the price move away from the last profit of the order to complete the current cycle.
(FAQ п.62)
number 0
STOP_LOSS_PERCENT Stop Loss percentage number 0
BUY_STOP_PERCENT Buy Stop percentage number 0
TRAILING_STOP_PERCENT Trailing stop percentage number 0
TRAILING_GRID_PERCENT Trailing grid percentage number 0
DISABLE_CAPITALIZATION Disable capitalization in profit order boolean false
CAPITALIZATION_BUY_ORDER Includes partial capitalization of Buy orders in DISABLE_CAPITALIZATION boolean false
STRATEGY_AUTO_REVERS Auto switching strategy to reverse boolean false
OFFSET_LAST_ORDER_PERCENT The percentage of the price distance from the last order to enable auto-switching of strategy number 5
PERMANENT_DEPOSIT Use the total deposit calculation together with the trades history boolean false
PRICE_TRADING_TYPE_CHANGE Price at which the trade type will change (Absolute value and percentage)
Format: number or low/high
(FAQ п.58)
number or string -

If the parameter INTEGRITY_CONTROL_ORDERS in hard mode, then a sell order will be installed only if the volume installed and executed buy orders will be the same.

If the parameter FIRST_LOADING_HISTORY included, will be loaded into the cache the first NUMBER_ROWS_LOAD_HISTORY BUY orders before the first SELL order for the selected pair and put a SELL order on the basis of these data.


Additional options


Option Description Type Default
NOTIFICATION_PAIR Notification pair of rate changing (For example: btc/usd, ltc/usd or all/all for all pair) string -
NOTIFICATION_DEVIATION_PERCENT In what percentage should the price spike for the notification to work number 5
MONITORING_PAIR Pairs for monitoring.
(For example: btc/usd, ltc/usd, or just a pair currency, for example: btc).
If none of that is set, ALL available pairs will be monitored on the exchange.
string All pairs
NOTIFICATION_ERROR_COUNT The number of errors in 5 minutes for notification number 0
NOTIFICATION_ORDER_IS_EXECUTED Notice of execution of one orders boolean false
NOTIFICATION_END_GRID Notification of the end of the order grid. Notification will be sent if there are less than 3 orders left boolean false

Email Error Notification

Option Description Type Default
EMAIL_REPORT_ADDRESS Email for notifications of network incidences and errors string -
HOST_SMTP Mail server address string
EMAIL_AUTH_USER Authorization login of the mail server string -
EMAIL_AUTH_PASS Mail server password string -


Option Description Type Default
LOG Calculating log output of auto settings boolean false
LOG_DEBUG The output of the debug log boolean false
LOG_TRANSPORTS Where to write the log:
0 - console
1 - file
2 - console and file
number 0
LOG_PATH A custom path to the directory with the log string Folder with bot
LOG_TREE Save logs by directory year/month/day boolean false

Error processing

Option Description Type Default
NUMBER_CHECK_DATA How many times to check the data.
Use the value 2 or more.
0 - off
number 0
AUTO_RESTART_HANGING Auto-restart of the worker in case of his hangup (error message: "Worker does not meet" ) boolean true
RESTART_TRADER_TIME How many seconds to wait before re-querying the data after network errors number 5

Other parameters

Option Description Type Default
TIME_ZONE Time zone Database Time Zones string Asia/Yekaterinburg
EXCHANGE_FEE The Commission for transactions of the exchange number 0.25
DELAY_REQUEST_API The delay of requests to the API in milliseconds number 200
DELAY_BETWEEN_MODULES Then delay in seconds between execution of consecutive modules. number 3
TITLE The title of the console window. string GBot
LANGUAGE The language of the interface (ru or en) string ru
NODE_ENV Value production activate:
1. error notifications by E-mail.
2. prohibits the use of conf-dev.js.
3. disabling colors in logs.
4. disables TITLE
string dev
BOT_TRADE Allow trading boolean true
URL_STATISTICS URL of the server where the statistics will be sent in post json format string -


  • If you've changed LANGUAGE send a command /start in Telegram bot for a new language initialization in Telegram

The settings for the DEMO module.

To enable the Demo module and emulate the trades select the option EXCHANGE=demo.

Option Description Type Default
DEMO_EXCHANGE The choice of the exchange to emulate string -
BALANCE_COIN Virtual balance of the first coin number -
BALANCE_COIN_TWO The virtual balance of the second coin number -


$ npm start

For Windows

Create a start.bat file, specify the necessary parameters in it and run this file.




npm start


The percentages settings for Windows are specified by a double percent sign (%%)

For Linux and Mac

Create a file, specify the necessary parameters in it and run this file.

export TELEGRAM_TOKEN=110201543:AAHdqTcvCH1vGWJxfSeofSAs0K5PALDsaw 
export TELEGRAM_ID=12345678

export DEPOSIT_LIMIT=80%


node ./build/server

For Heroku

heroku ps:scale web=0
heroku ps:scale worker=1

To launch the control panel in a Telegram, send a message to:


Additional commands in Telegram:

/info               - list of all commands

/version            - The version of the bot
/params             - Parameters which can be changed via Telegram
/martin [cache]     - A theoretical calculation of the orders of the martingale (parameters are taken from config)
/ticker coin_name   - Shows a quote of a pair coin_name
/trade              - Switches to the specified trading pair
/stop [codeExit]    - The application shutsdown. codeExit - an optional exit code.
/sell_all           - Sell on the market immediately. (Attention: The sale will be made without confirmation!)
/buy_all            - Buy on the market immediately. (Attention: The buy will be made without confirmation!)
/restart            - Restart GBot Trader
/stats              - Trading statistics
/note [ignore text] - The text in this line will be ignored. It can be used as a comment.
/stoplossfloating   - Displays Stop Loss Floating information
/stoploss           - Displays StopLoss information
/buystop            - Displays BuyStop information
/trail              - Displays Trailing Stop information
/getbalance         - Displays the start balance
/setbalance number  - Sets the starting balance
/addbalance number  - Add coins to the starting balance