Show GeoJSON Layer like as Interactive Menu List
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Show GeoJSON properties in a interactive menu and map

Copyright 2016 Stefano Cudini

Tested in Leaflet 0.7.x, 1.3.x

Licensed under the MIT



Demo online:

Source code:


Option Default Description
collapsed false collapse panel list
position 'bottomleft' position of panel list
listLabel '' GeoJSON property to generate items list
listSortBy '' property to sort items, default is listLabel
listItemBuild null function list item builder
activeListFromLayer true highlight of list item on layer hover
zoomToLayer false
listOnlyVisibleLayers false show only items visible in map canvas
multiple false active multiple selection
style {} style for GeoJSON features
activeClass 'active' css class name for active list items
activeStyle style for Active GeoJSON features
selectClass 'selected'
selectStyle {} style for Selected GeoJSON features


Event Data Description
'selector:change' {selected, layers} fired after checked item in list, selected is true if any layer is selected


Method Arguments Description
reload() layer search text by external code


Since Version 1.4.7 this plugin support Grunt for building process. Therefore the deployment require NPM installed in your system. After you've made sure to have npm working, run this in command line:

npm install