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PizzaBrandon commented Jan 2, 2019

A short (3 point) closed linestring (rare, but does happen) throws an exception in clean-coords due to the code assuming it's a polygon.

Problem occurs due to assuming the first and last points matching means it's a polygon.

This can also happen with a linestring that is cleaned to < 4 points. Discovered thi

friedbunny commented May 15, 2019

Tools like apidiff exist to analyze frameworks and produce diffs of their APIs. We should apply this sort of tool in (at least) two ways:

1. Per pull request

Pull requests that change or add public API could have this information surfaced as a bot comment or GitHub check. This would help us identify subtle changes to public API that could be b

FeralCatColonist commented May 4, 2018

Hi, I'm wanting to use Koop for integrating with the Waze live feed. After reading through the readme, I was totally lost about how to even start using Koop.

I'd really like to see more detailed documentation or a getting started guide. Additionally I'd be interested in helping to get a dedicated Waze repository up running.

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