Is a lightweight API for reading an arbitrary amount of bits from a single input
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Is a lightweight Header only C++ API, for reading and writing single bit and varying length byte fields.

Writing a bit field

Lets say we want to write the four bytes of a 32 bit integer individually:

// Using an uint32_t data type divided into 4 bit fields each 8 bits in
// size. The sum of the bit fields must match the number of bits in the data
// type.
auto writer = bitter::writer<uint32_t, 8, 8, 8, 8>();

writer.field<0>(0xef); // Write bits 0-7
writer.field<1>(0xbe); // Write bits 8-15
writer.field<2>(0xad); // Write bits 16-23
writer.field<3>(0xde); // Write bits 24-31

assert( == 0xdeadbeef);

Use #include <bitter/writer.hpp> to use the bitter::writer.

Reading a bit field

Given a value we can also read the individual bit fields. Based on the example above lets read back the four bit fields from the uint32_t value:

auto reader = bitter::reader<uint32_t, 8, 8, 8, 8>(0xdeadbeef);

uint8_t value0 = reader.field<0>().read_as<uint8_t>(); // Read bits 0-7
uint8_t value1 = reader.field<1>().read_as<uint8_t>(); // Read bits 8-15
uint8_t value2 = reader.field<2>().read_as<uint8_t>(); // Read bits 16-23
uint8_t value3 = reader.field<3>().read_as<uint8_t>(); // Read bits 24-31

assert(value0 == 0xef);
assert(value1 == 0xbe);
assert(value2 == 0xad);
assert(value3 == 0xde);

Use #include <bitter/reader.hpp> to use the bitter::reader.


For more info on the license see the LICENSE file