C++ library for conversion between big and little endian data representations.
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endian is a simple C++ library for conversion between big and little endian data representations and provide stream-like interface for accessing a fixed-size buffer.


Table of Contents:


The endian::little_endian and endian::big_endian structures acts like function containers for conversion to little/big endian. In both structures there are two types of functions put and get, each have specializations for different integer types.

The endian::endian_stream class is stream-like interface used for writing and reading data either to or from a stream or storage object.

Examples for using endian can be found in test/src and in example/src


The library itself is header-only so essentially to use it you just have to clone the repository and setup the right include paths in the project where you would like to use it.

Unit testing

The unit tests for the endian library are located in the test/src folder.

We use the Google Unit Testing Framwork (gtest) to drive the unit tests. To build and run the test run:

python waf configure
python waf

Depending on the platform you should see a test binary called endian_test in (extension also depends on operating system e.g .exe for Windows):


Where platform is typically either linux, win32 or darwin depending on your operating system


endian is available under the BSD license.