iOS Application Template with JSON-Parsing, AutoUpdating, CrashReporter+Sender, Statistics, custom Logging, Localization and all those little things already set up, ready for you to make awesome stuff!
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Note: I consider this template deprecated. There are much better choices available now, like AFNetworking, JSONKit, HockeyKit, SSToolKit, ...

Some stuff is really a bad idea (like Flurry), other is now integrated in Foundation (like regular expressions).

I'll keep it around a little longer, but please don't use it anymore.

This is a working start point for an iOS App. All the little bits are set for you. Remember to init all submodules:

git submodule init

git submodule update

This basic template opens a PSTableViewController connected to a navigationController, all in code (there are no nibs).

Whats in the box?

Note: This Template uses many software components, all of them under various open source licenses which some of them with the need for Acknowledgements, see the source files and Acknowledgements.txt for more information.