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stencila/website: Stencila on the web

Hello! This is the repository for Stencila's website at http://stenci.la.


Did you spot a typo or another mistake? Do you have a suggestion for a better wording? Would you like to write a blog post for Stencila? We 💕 contributions! All contributions! See CONTRIBUTING.md for more details.


This project follows the all-contributors specification. Thanks 🙏 to these wonderful people who have contributed so far 💖!

Átila Camurça Alves


Joe Hand


David Allen


Simon Winter


Danielle Robinson


Aleksandra Pawlik

📝 💻 🎨

Mariano Mollo


Michael Aufreiter

🎨 💻 📝

Oliver Buchtala

💻 📝

Nokome Bentley

💻 🎨 📝

Development Environment

Once you have checked out this repo, make sure you init & update the sub-modules.

git submodule init; git submodule update