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Csv Parser (Incomplete - work in progress)

Deploy to Heroku Build Status This application was built in fulfillment of a code test, spec as follows:

Stock Items Importer / Exporter

Create an importer/exporter which accepts stock item data in csv format and exports it as JSON. It needs to handle stock items and csv -> JSON, but we expect to have other models and formats very soon, and so it should be easy to extend in this way.

Along with a number of standard parameters, stock items are assigned a ‘price_type’ and may have 0 or more ‘modifiers’. A price type of ‘system’ means that the price is set by the store owner ahead of time, a price type of ‘open’ means that it is set at the time of the sale (for example, delivery is not a pre-defined price, it varies at the time of sale). Modifiers are simply alterations to the item being sold which include a price, like a small coffee being less expensive than a large coffee.

This should be coded as if it were being added to a large scale production system and should be representative of the type of work you would submit to such a system and be proud of. Feel free to include a writeup with your submission explaining the design, or outlining any assumptions you made while building it.

Example Input

item id,description,price,cost,price_type,quantity_on_hand,modifier_1_name,modifier_1_price,modifier_2_name,modifier_2_price,modifier_3_name,modifier_3_price
111022,Bagel,$3.45,$2.00,system,9855,Cream Cheese,$1.00
2847224,Orange Juice 48,$68.57,,system,0,Small,$0.00,Medium,$1.00,Large,$2.50
2847225,Milk 49,$70.00,49,system,510
2847226,Ciabatta 50,$71.43,,system,0
2847227,baguette 51,$0.00,,open,0
2847228,Sour Dough Boule 52,$74.29,,system,0
2847244,Whole Coffee Cake 68,$0.00,,open,0
2847229,Country Wht Boule 53,$75.71,,system,0
2847230,Semolina Batard 54,$77.14,,system,0
2847231,Multigrain Batard 55,$78.57,,system,0
2847232,Focaccia 56,$80.00,56,system,440
2847233,Rolls 57,$81.43,,system,0,Jelly,$.75,Peanut Butter,$1.12

Example Output

    id: 111010,
    description: 'Coffee',
    price: 1.25,
    cost: 0.80,
    price_type: 'system',
    quantity_on_hand: 100000,
    modifiers: [
        name: 'Small',
        price: -0.25
        name: 'Medium',
        price: 0.00
        name: 'Large',
        price: 0.30
    id: 111784,
    description: 'Delivery'
    price: nil,
    cost: nil,
    price_type: 'open',
    quantity_on_hand: nil,
    modifiers: []


The provided JSON as shown above is not valid.
Keys must be quoted, quotes must be double, and it's null, not nil.
Corrected version found in spec/fixtures/two_stock_items.json helpful resource:

Development Notes

I decided to make this a full Rails app primarily because it's more convenient for setting everything up. I also thought it might be nice to store a history of previous data, allowing for redownload in a different format.

Plans for what I'm going to do (this is being written at the start)

  • DSL for describing parsing/output
    • extensible architecture, fields provided include
      • id (unique integer)
      • integer
      • currency (i18n? yeah, right, TODO)
      • string
      • "mutable price"? (includes price/cost/type)
    • selectable parser on input
  • Some validation of input
    • possibly saving invalid rows to a "failures" field?
    • or trying to match/correct malformed input? naah.
  • in real life would perhaps require background processing, probably skipping that.
    • but I've done it before, so maybe not ;)
    • Resque/Sidekick/delayed_job

==== TODO

  • DSL
  • validation, kick out rejected records into an array for review
  • cache result
  • background processing
  • clean up DataTrader library

Ruby on Rails

This application requires:

  • Ruby 2.2.4
  • Rails

Learn more about Installing Rails.

Getting Started

= Local setup

  • clone repository
  • bundle
  • set up database.yml
  • rake db:setup

= Heroku setup steps

heroku create [OPTIONAL SERVER NAME]
git push heroku master
heroku run rake db:migrate
heroku run rake db:seed
heroku open

Documentation and Support


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Rails Composer

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Problems? Issues?

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an advanced CSV parser, in fulfillment of a coding test






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