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A streamlined app to easily find local concerts for your favorite artists. Concert Match pulls your top artists from your spotify account, then searches for their upcoming concerts based on your current location.

Run the app

npm start

Run tests

npm test

###Team Stephanie - Github Manager
Nate - Product Manager
Adam - API/Documentation

Technologies Used

  • Javascript
  • jQuery
  • Node.js
  • Express
  • MongoDB
  • OAuth (Spotify)
  • APIs (Spotify, Bands in Town, Mapbox)
  • HTML
  • CSS (Materialize)


  • Spotify API to GET top artists of logged in user
  • BandsInTown API to GET concert data for top artists in 50 mile radius of current location
  • Mapbox to display current location and concert data on map

##Approach We wanted to create a simple, streamlined app to find local concerts based on the user's top spotify artists. We stripped away additional features found on apps like Bands in Town, Songkick, or Ticketmaster such as setting search parameters and buying tickets in order to create a focused, uncomplicated user experience.

Our app is personalized and local for each user. Once the user logs in, our app finds and displays all the information they need by searching for concerts of their top Spotify artists in a 50 mile radius of their current location.


wireframe splash wireframe index wireframe user wireframe concertpin

Pivotal Tracker (full wireframes)
Pitch Deck

##Installation Deployed on heroku. Login with spotify account.

##Unsolved Problems/Next Steps

  • Pins dynamically dropping on the map as your scroll through your top artists
  • Click pins to get more info about specific concert
  • Integrate Soundcloud
  • Integrate
  • Fix all bugs

##Credits Many thanks to our instructors for helping us through some major hurdles with our project.

Ezra Raez
Jim Clark


A MEAN stack app for finding concerts nearby from your Spotify listens



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