Command line tool to view live Apache status
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Atop (Apache Top)


This tool is basically a BASH wrapper script around the "links" command that pulls info from the Apache default mod_status functionality and displays the results on the command line, similar to the "top" command.


  • Apache with mod_status module enabled and functioning, ExtendedStatus directive in httpd.conf active
  • links program installed
  • netstat program installed
  • Apache status page available at http://localhost/server-status


Run the script on the command line:


You can also pass the script a number to limit the lines of results returned (good for viewing on small screens). The default is 300 lines.

./atop 50

This would limit the results to 50 lines.

See here for a blog post on using atop:

Command Options

a = sort all threads by time
c = sort by CPU, no GCRK_
i = list IPs connected to port 80 (uses Apache Server Status)
k = sort by K (Keep alives)
l = list IPs connected to all ports (uses netstat)
n = list IPs connected to port 80 (uses netstat)
o = sort open connections by CPU
p = sort only POST threads by time
r = raw apache status output (good with limit of at least 50)
s = search for a term, returns raw Apache Server Status results
w = sort by inactive workers
q = quit

Similar Programs

Two other great options exist, written in python or perl.