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Stephens lab

Research in statistical and computational methods for genetics at the University of Chicago.


  1. susieR susieR Public

    R package for "sum of single effects" regression.

    R 163 40

  2. mashr mashr Public

    An R package for multivariate adaptive shrinkage.

    R 85 19

  3. flashr flashr Public

    R package for Empirical Bayes Factor Analysis.

    R 48 11

  4. fastTopics fastTopics Public

    Fast algorithms for fitting topic models and non-negative matrix factorizations to count data.

    R 74 6

  5. ebnm ebnm Public

    R package to fit Empirical Bayes Normal Means model.

    R 11 9

  6. dsc dsc Public

    Repo for Dynamic Statistical Comparisons project

    HTML 11 12


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