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Project 3 - A MEAN Stack App


GA WDI Project Three - Karma Community

This was the third project assignment during our time on General Assembly's Web Development Immersive Course (week 7-8). This was a group project build by two team members (Martin & Stevan). We built a community good-will app that:

  • Allows users to ask favours from members their community.
  • Choose a selected volunteer for a task (with SMS notifications of choice and approval).
  • Gain 'karma coins' based on completed favours.

image width="700"

Visit the website to check it out.


Design and build a MEAN stack app (MongoDB, Express, Angular, Node.js) with:

  • At least two models.
  • A persistent database (with all CRUD actions on records).
  • Your own API on the back-end.
  • User authentification (registration and session creation).
  • RESTful routes.
  • Angular on the front-end.
  • A CSS framework on the front-end.
  • Deployed on Heroku.

Build Process


In order to gain inspiration for the web app we:

  • Listed areas of interest for both of us and brainstormed.
  • Discussed a number of ideas around sport, education and community.


Using Trello we:

  • Created a list of all the features we wanted to create.
  • Organized the list by which elements were crucial for MVP (phase one features) and which could be added in later (phase two features).
  • Sat next to each other and constantly communicated to assign tasks and check progress.


The build phase involved getting in front of our computers and working through the Trello board. If ever we ran into problems we would both discuss a solution and move forward.


  • External APIs - The brief left third-party APIs as a bonus, but our idea lended itself very nicely to their use. We included Google Maps API for locations and Twilio for SMS notifications when a volunteer is selected.
  • Volunteer and chosen volunteer logic - We created some nice logic and a process around having several volunteers per favour and being able to choose and select a single volunteer, as well as verify that they did complete the favour.

Moving Forward / Future Features

Some features we could add moving forward:

  • Allow the selecting of multiple volunteers per job.
  • Allow for repeat favours (weekly/monthly).
  • Allow for volunteer cancellation and re-selection.

Contact Us

Feel free to ask us questions about this project or anything else: