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+h1. Light Weight Blogging - "lwb"
+p. LWB (pronounced "lube") is a framework for self-hosted blogging written in "Go":, that I use for "my blog": See "Reinventing The Wheel": for some background information.
+p. It makes heavy use of Gary Burd's wonderful "twister": library, so you'll need to install it.
+h2. Usage
+p. See the sample for an example of usage - you'll basically need to copy it and make heavy edits for your own use. But basically all posts are stored in a JSON format and it makes heavy use of caching to get great response times.
+h2. Caveats
+p. As a blogger, you need to be willing to accept a whole load of restrictions to use this software right now, for example:
+* No editor - you need to use <tt>tools/</tt> to create a stub post and fill it in. You can remove the "body" entry and stick the body in a separate file if you wish (see <tt>samples/blog_lwbd/json_store/</tt> for an example). First order of business to to create an rpc interface for tools such as "MarsEdit":
+* No reloads - when a post is created, you'll need to restart the server.
+h2. Please contribute!
+p. There's lots to do, and I'd love some contributions... Ideas:
+* RPC interface for blog editors.
+* Rewrite the textile handler.
+* And more...
+<tt>Steve Lacey<br/><br/>

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