RN-XV and SD shield for Arduino
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RN-XV and SD shield

The RN-XV and SD shield is designed for the Arduino. It provides an interface to the Roving Networks RN-XV Wifi module, which uses the pseudo-standard XBee footprint. XBee modules will probably work although the circuitry is designed for the UART interface and GPIOs of the RN-XV. The shield also provides an interface to an SD card and the MicroMag3 magnetometer module by PNI. The shield can operate at either 3.3V or 5V; logic-gate level shifters ensure that the inputs and outputs of the RN-XV and SD card are only exposed to 3.3V signals. For 5V operation the MicroMag module is powered at 5V.

The shield is fully functional on a standard Arduino (Duemilanove, Uno etc). Optional features such as flow control and the GPIO features of the RN-XV require an Arduino Mega(2560) or Calunium (https://github.com/stevemarple/Calunium). For more information see http://blog.stevemarple.co.uk/2011/12/rn-xvsd-shield.html.

Pin mapping

  • D4: SD select (if jumper JP3 fitted in LH position)
  • D5: RN-XV GPIO5 (if jumper JP5 fitted)
  • D8: RN-XV GPIO6 (if jumper JP8 fitted)
  • D9: RN-XV GPIO8 (if jumper JP6 fitted)
  • D11: MOSI (if jumper JP7 fitted)
  • D12: MISO (if jumper JP9 fitted)
  • D13: SCK (if jumper JP10 fitted)
  • D14 (Arduino Mega) or D22 (Calunium): RN-XV CTS (if jumper JP4 fitted)
  • D15 (Arduino Mega) or D23 (Calunium): RN-XV RTS (if jumper JP12 fitted)
  • A0: MicroMag SS
  • A1: RN-XV GPIO4 (if jumper JP11 fitted)
  • A2: LM61 temperature sensor
  • A3: MicroMag reset, LM61 power and heartbeat LED
  • A6: SD select (if jumper JP3 fitted in RH position)
  • A8 (Arduino Mega) or D14 (Calunium): MicroMag DRDY

Jumper settings

  • JP1: Shield power supply; voltage regulator or 3.3V supply
  • JP2: Voltage regulator input; from +5V or Vin
  • JP3: SD chip select; D4 or A6
  • JP4: CTS flow control; D14 (Arduino Mega) or D22 (Calunium)
  • JP5: GPIO5; D5
  • JP6: GPIO8; D9
  • JP7: MOSI; link MOSI to D11
  • JP8: GPIO6; D8
  • JP9: MISO; link MISO to D12
  • JP10: SCK; link SCK to D13
  • JP11: GPIO4; A1
  • JP12: RTS flow control; D15 (Arduino Mega) or D23 (Calunium)
  • X2: TX/RX selection, any of D0,D1,D2,D3. Also D19/D18 (RX1/TX1) for Arduino Mega or D2/D3 (RX1/TX1) for Calunium

Arduino library

An Arduino library to take advantage of the various features is provided.

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