:godmode: Run SRCDS as a service on Linux.
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SRCDS Linux Service

This is a shell script that will let you run the Source Dedicated Server (SRCDS) from Valve as a service on your Linux machine.


  • Screen (Terminal multiplexer utility. See: GNU Screen)
  • Your favorite text editor


  1. Create a file named srcds in your /etc/init.d directory.
  2. Paste the contents of the srcds.sh file from this repository in that file.
  3. Replace <newuser> with the user you want to run the service under
  4. Adjust the PARAMS string for the game you want to run.
  5. Set the file permissions to be executable (chmod a+x /etc/init.d/srcds).


You can manage the service just like any other init.d service. With start, restart, stop, and status commands.

  • Start SRCDS: /etc/init.d/srcds start
  • Restart SRCDS: /etc/init.d/srcds restart
  • Stop SRCDS: /etc/init.d/srcds stop
  • Get SRCDS status: /etc/init.d/srcds status


This was originally created by FreeNerd and posted on his Linux SRCDS server article.

I have modified at and updated it to suit my needs and have added several fixes provided by others in the discussion from my blog post about running a Team Fortress 2 server.

You can find the discussion here: