Web gateway for uploading images to Flickr & Twitter via the web or Twitter clients (like Tweetie 2)
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For use with Tweetie 2 and its new custom image service

This is originally forked from ebonical's tweetie_flickr project on github:

This version has been modified to utilize Twitter OAuth for user authent-
ication. It only makes sense as anyone using this should have a Twitter

Flickr4Twitter (@flickr4tw1tter) merely serves as a way to upload images
from Tweetie 2 to Flickr.com after you have authenticated with both 
services. There are plans for future clients, APIs, and a better user-
interface in the near future.

Flickr4Twitter is an open-source project and you are more than welcome
to run your own version on your own server if you prefer. I'd love it if
you let me know if you use it.

Check list
Set a secret session key for Rails in config/secret
- use `rake secret` to get a new key

Create a Twitter account if you don't have one
Create a Flickr account if you don't have one

Create a Twitter Web Client Application
Enter your API Consumer key and Consumer secret into config/twitter.yml
Create a Flickr application
Enter your API key and secret into config/flickr.yml

Authorize the application via Twitter's OAuth for user management (http://root_url/login)
Authorize the application through Flickr's API for photo uploading (automated after you login)
- if User#test_user is true then photos will be private (for testing)

POST to the URL displayed on: http://root_url/users/yourtwitterusername

Tweetie will send
:source ('tweetie')
:message (Tweetie 2.1.0+ only)

[ ] Proper testing on the models and controllers
[ ] Some real tests with mock webservice calls

Flickr4Twitter is a full-service endpoint that provides the the easiest way to upload your photos to Flickr and post them to your Twitter timeline. You can post through the web with Flickr4Twitter.com or any supported Twitter client (such as Tweetie 2). Flickr4Twitter features include:

    * Is open-source and got a good start thanks to ebonical's tweetie_flickr project on Github
    * Returns a Flickr short URL (http://flic.kr/) for your photo to your tweet or Twitter client (including Tweetie 2)
    * Autotags with "iPhone" and "flickr4twitter" currently
    * Converts any hashtags in your tweet into Flickr photo tags
    * Automatically updates your Flickr photo description to the text of the tweet you posted as well as a URL for your tweet
    * Has a basic web interface to view your photos as well as photos uploaded by other users
    * You can also upload via the website once you are logged in so that you don't have to use yet another service to tweet from the web when your mobile twitter client isn't handy.
    * Authenticates via Twitter's OAuth service and does not store your Twitter password in any way (even if a client sends it)
    * Posts all sensitive data and images over SSL to ensure your security
    * Generates a unique endpoint URL based upon your Twitter OAuth hash (or a custom one you generate if you have several Twitter accounts using the same client)