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Polyhedral Transformation, Linear Programming Solver, Polyhedral based dependence analysis
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Polyhedral Transformation, Linear Programming Solver, Polyhedral based Dependence Analysis

The software is licensed under the BSD License.

This software implement several linear programming solvers, include exact simplex based on rational arithmetic, the approximate method based on double/float arithmetic, the 0-1 integer programming solver, and the mixed integer programming solver.

This software also implement various loop optimization using the polyhedral model. Compilers can use this software as a tool to perform loop optimizations.

The polyhedral model (also called the polytope method) is a mathematical framework for loop nest optimization in program optimization. The polytope method treats each loop iteration within nested loops as lattice points inside mathematical objects called polytopes, performs affine transformations or more general non-affine transformations such as tiling on the polytopes, and then converts the transformed polytopes into equivalent, but optimized (depending on targeted optimization goal), loop nests through polyhedra scanning.


We give an example to solver linear programming using this software.
Run ./xpoly.exe

We also give an example to show how to use XPoly as loop transformation engine in gcc.
In file tran_gcc_graphite.cpp and tran_gcc_graphite.h, we transform graphite scop to
apply msicellaneous loop optimizations.    
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