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An implementation of Zach Holman's boom script in Python
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What's this?

Boo is a reimplementation of a handy tool I saw in one of Zach Holman's screencasts. Basically it's a key value store that allows you to save snippets of text that you can later find and copy to your clipboard.


Let's try a simple usage example. I just found a funny picture of a friend and want to keep it stored for use as leverage the next time I need to borrow some money from him. Here's where boo can help me out. I open up a terminal window and type:

boo funny-picture

And now it's saved!

So now I need an extra server for a project I'm working on. I'm broke and my friend is reluctant to help me out, so I need some help from my friend boo! All I have to do is open a terminal window and type:

boo funny-picture

and Boom! The URL is instantly copied to my clipboard, where I can send it in a completely non-threatening email to my friend in order to get my way!


Fire up your terminal and type:

git clone git://
cd boo
sudo python install

And that's it! Boo is now at your service!



boo test hello world

Creates a new key, test, and sets it's value to hello world


boo test

Gets the value of key test and copys it to your clipboard


boo -r test

Removes the key test


boo -m test hello

Renames the key test to hello


boo -a

Lists all of the keys stored in your ~/.boom file.


boo -p test

Prints the value of the given key

Concatenate (append)

boo -c test hello

Adds "hello" to the end of key test


boo -e test

Opens key test with an editor specified by the EDITOR environment variable.


You can also set (and append to) keys through stdin:

boo test - < helloworld.txt


boo test -c - < helloworld.txt

Known Bugs/Todo

  • It's currently OS X and Windows only (on OSX, it relies on AppKit to access to clipboard). Linux support will be coming soon.
  • I want to add some kind of grouping support. Right now the only way to do it is to name the keys you want to group something-keyname and use grep to filter them (use boo -a).
  • Implement some kind of remote repository; allowing boo keys to be synchronized between multiple machines. Possibly even some sharing between users?

For grouping/remote support: see the grouping branch and this commit for details

And of course if you have any ideas, feel free to open a new issue or if you're dedicated: submit a pull request!

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